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Using Atmel VID/PID

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Can we use ATMEL VID/PID for our XMEGA USB Applications?
Customer may keep the Atmel Vendor Identifier (Atmel VID) and Product Identifier (PID) in their product that integrates an Atmel USB Flash Microcontroller (“Integrated Product”) from one Atmel original example subject to the following acknowledgments and/or conditions:

Customer cannot apply to USB compliance testing with the USB-IF, therefore Customer cannot use the USB logo for an Integrated Product using the Atmel VID.

All software is provided AS IS and Customer is responsible to insure the USB compliance of the Integrated Product.

Customer must integrate the Atmel USB Flash Microcontroller Software and the USB descriptors with no changes apart from the manufacturer string in conf_usb.h

/! USB Device string definitions (Optional)
// #define  USB_DEVICE_MANUFACTURE_NAME      "Manufacture name"
// #define  USB_DEVICE_PRODUCT_NAME          "Product name"
// #define  USB_DEVICE_SERIAL_NAME           "12...EF"

It is mandatory for the customer to write his company name in the manufacturer string.



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