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How to submit a technical support case?

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How to submit a technical support case in our new technical support system?
To be able to submit a technical support case in Microchip’s technical support system, you will need to have an active myMicrochip account.
New to myMicrochip? Click <a href=””>Register for an account</a> to sign up.

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Supported web browsers
We support the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. We recommend downloading the newest version of your preferred browser for the best experience.
Please note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

How to create a new case
Follow the steps below to create a technical support case:
Step 1: Open your preferred browser, navigate to
Step 2: We might have answers to your problems already archived somewhere. Before creating a new case, please search our website:
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Or go directly to our Knowledge Base:
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Or check our support resources like self-service tools, community support and many other resources:
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Step 3: If you cannot find an answer, please click “Log In” button. You will be redirected to to verify your username and password:
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Step 4: After you Sign In, you will be directed back to our support site. Please click the “My Cases” menu item:
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Step 5: On “My Cases” page, click the “New Case” button:
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Step 6: Let us know the how we can help by providing case reason, then click the “Next” button.
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Step 7: Enter the Subject by summarizing your issue with a sentence and provide the Target Device that is related to your issue. While you are inputting this information, our search engine is working for you to provide the related article list to you. Don’t forget to check on these articles to see.
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For example, the subject of “Problem with C++ variables in Atmel Studio” will bring relevant articles in the right pane. Click the first link to view the content of the article. If this article solves the issue, Great! You can stop here; Otherwise, click “Back” button to view other possible matches.
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Step 8: If none of the articles solves your issue, please provide a detailed issue description.
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Step 9: Let us know which stage your project is at and how urgent it is to you. This will help us prioritize your case. Click “Submit” to finish case creation.
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Step 10: Your case is accepted! If you have no more info to provide to us, click “Skip”. Otherwise, you can upload your files, then click “Done” to attach them to your case.
Please note: If you use Drag and Drop feature, make sure your files are dropped to the dotted line box area.
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You will be redirect to the case you just created.



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