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Downgrading tools to use older Jungo driver

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Atmel Studio 7.0 will install version 12.0 of the Jungo driver, and provides inf files for all Atmel tools to use this version of the Jungo driver. This version of the driver is incompatible with older versions of Atmel Studio and other third-party vendors. 

How do I change the version back to the old one, so that older versions of Atmel Studio recognizes the tool? Is it possible to toggle between versions?
To change the driver version, it is important to have the previous version of Atmel Studio installed first. This must be done so that the previous version of the driver is registered first, then updated to the version that is shipped in Atmel Studio 7. This leaves the older version behind and registered in Windows, which makes it relatively easy to toggle between versions.

To change the version, connect the tool, open the Device Manager, and find the Jungo Connectivity node.
Jungo Connectivity

Find the tool that you want to toggle in the list, right click it and select Update Driver Software.
Update Driver Software

Select Browse my computer for driver software.
Select driver software

Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
Select the driver from list
  • To use the Atmel Studio 7 driver, select version
  • To use the older driver for Atmel Studio 6, AVR Studio and other third party vendors, select version
Clicking the Next button switches the driver.




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